Random Observations of My World

It has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now that I really need to write a new blog post.  I’ve been waiting for something interesting to actually happen or for the bolt of inspiration to strike but since neither of that has occurred I will simply share pictures of my studio at this particular moment. I will also point out some random info about what you are looking at in order to give text to the images. In the first image you see how messy my studio is and randomly my rock rings at the top of frame.  FYI, I love rock climbing and every few hours I do a few pull ups on them providing a brief break.  The second shot is of my “desk” which is simply a continuation of my work bench.  The book is open to a page with an image of Napoleon’s death mask. The skull on the shelf isn’t real but it is a very good cast.  My anatomy chart on the wall is actually one my mother used in Occupational Therapy School. I’ve loved looking at it since I was a wee artist.  You can also see my Foredom Flex shaft. I prefer using hand tools but that sucker certainly comes in handy!!

This is my raised carving platform.  I will carve kneeling on it many days Japanese style.  It was made from an old pallet.  My kneeling bench is made form a reclaimed board and is great for keeping my circulation going while carving in this position.  I also have a wonderful Styrofoam head I got at the transfer station a few weeks ago. I don’t think it will ever make it’s way into a piece but it is a great reference to have on hand.

This image is of my actual work bench. Usually very little work happens on it. Instead it serves as a great place for clutter to gather.  The blue bust hanging out is carved from an old banister.  You can see five bottles of glue.  One of which is currently being consolidated into another container.  Wood glue is surprisingly hard to come by at the Transfer station so I end up with a bunch of small bottles that are half filled.

This last image captures the figure I am currently working on.  He is laminated wood like most of the pieces for Glean and he will be wearing a hoodie.   Over his right shoulder you can see my beloved band saw along with a bunch of reclaimed lumber waiting around for me to tell them what they are going to become.  You can also see some of the posts I have found which will serve as stands for the series of busts I am carving.  Now that I have shared these snapshots with you I am going to go see if I can dirty my studio further!

How to Remove Hot Glue and Cardboard from Foam!

Processing used materials sometimes leads to creative tool use. Don’t try this at home kids!

What am I looking at?  a reciprocating saw with the longest blade i could find, clamped to a workbench with a piece of plywood as a spacer.  A little guide block at the end of the blade gives support.  I applied paraffin wax to the  plywood in order to keep the hot glue from dragging while pushing it through the blade.

…about an hour later…

Glue free foam!

That’s a lot of refinished foam!