March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings day. We set the clocks ahead one hour but I got lost at “the dump” anyway and stayed for an extra hour. About 3 hours of gleaning and my legs hurt afterward.

I found some wire, wood, orange paint, rocks and buckets to hold my “excavations”. The material dumped is separated into sections: wood, glass, hard plastic. Yesterday, my favorite was ‘Rubble’. Photo0303What is rubble? First, I think of Barney Rubble – Fred’s best friend on the Flintstones. The pile of rubble at the dump consisted of broken concrete, ceramic tile, brick and smaller and smaller pebbles, sand and dust of said materials.

I gleaned some chunks of concrete and tile and then got a bucket and shovel to collect the rubble dust. Rubble. What a great word. It’s close to Rubbish, but more redeemable. I enjoyed shoveling through the debris. It was like being an archaeologist or at the aftermath of a disaster. I was thinking of what had been destroyed to make this pile of rubble. Barney Rubble, Pebbles, Flintstone.. they worked at the quarry as I recall, during the Stone Age. Stone has been around a long time.. the longest?

Research: Rubble (word origin), Rubble, quarries, Stone Age, The Flintstones

 *Flintstones theme song

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