From Two Lane to Studio 


En route to the river after two weeks on the road visiting family and friends.  I generally feel better once I have two lanes and a yellow stripe in my view.  The open sky allows for more space, and less noise, whether that noise is outside or inside my head.  I had just seen my uncle days before, who I may not see again.  Finding out he may be facing that last few weeks of his life brings a whole new contemplation as I work towards this show.  He was the ultimate scrapper, dumpster diving, metal detecting guy.  So I think of him, and honor him as I make.  It is a short life, do with it what you want.

All we are is dust in the wind


The sawdust is flying and piling up.  It is certainly a media on its own.  Love giving the scrappy dump wood a new life.

All planed up and no where to go



Playing with blocks



I am reminded how much I loved to play with blocks.  When my dad moved a few years back, the blocks we had as kids were stored in his barn.  I guess it is why I love to pack the back of the car, so everything fits “just right”.  Many hours of play time with the blocks as a kid.. it is all coming back to me now.  There is no perfect order.

June 11, 2014 Studio Update

IMG_4222IMG_4230 IMG_4229 Mold making. An ancient technique using packing tape coated cereal boxes, styrofoam, wire and wood. To be cast with a special recipe of concrete patch, mortar and paint. Photos to come.

IMG_4223 Wire form with tin snips and needle nose pliers. I love tools.

IMG_4226 Other Ancient Things. My objects span millenia. From re-imagining ancient cultures’ pottery to the Great Pyramids. From now on All Things Will Be Capitalized. There’s a month or two until the show and many tasks and deadlines within that time frame. I am working to finalize some pieces while still inventing other puzzles to solve.

IMG_4231  Does this look finalized to you? I didn’t think so.


IMG_4225 Diptych.

IMG_4224 What’s this?

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