Don’t think about it too much!

So Much Stuff!  So Much Good Stuff!  If I think it too far, it can be depressing /maddening.  Are there really so many “out of touch” people in Portland?…in the U.S.?!

Clothes, furniture, tools, electronics, appliances…Someone “upgraded” and just tossed out the “old”  Meanwhile, Kids without a computer, coats, toys….a guy looking for work who needs some tools or boots….New mom who needs a stroller or a crib….have to go without or try and buy what they need….Ugh!  Don’t think about it too much!!

It is a happy sight though, to see St Vincents and the rebuilding center people out there sifting through the hill of the discarded and bringing these things back into circulation!

If only every major city in the U.S. had a ” Metro / Cracked Pots / GLEAN”  and could model their own Reclamation centers off of ours…the impact (reduced impact) would be…Phenomenal!!

Reduction of “waste” in our “landfills”  AND an extra bonus that helps those in need! What could be better?

Oh yeah,  Think before you buy…Think before you toss it!!..

and here in the NW...Free-pile it first!!!

The All-Seeing Eye

On my last visit I had some spiritual counsel from a pile of books I found about the mind, travel, and spirit.  This one book in particular was a compilation of old newsletters from 1926 thru 1927.  ‘The All-Seeing Eye’- Philosophy, Science, and Religion………..

flameofasperation man



imageWhat a big score I  had on Tuesday!  Just when  lamenting to myself what a slow day at the transfer station, and wondering if the new overalls I found in the pile were going to fit me,  in pulls a little pickup truck loaded only with firehoses. Beautiful, never used firehoses!  I guess they were past their expiration date (who knew?). I don’t know what I’ll do with these lovelies, but I’m excited!

A happy gleaner seeing some sad facts


How I feel when I see all the good stuff being dumped.

How I feel when I see all the good stuff being dumped.

I’m so happy to be a 2015 Glean Resident Artist. But the shock of all the amazingly good, brand new, perfectly functional stuff people throw away has my head reeling.  Why don’t they donate it? Or call Craigslist free stuff? Or just put it on the street?  Anything but take it to the dump (oops, I mean transfer station).  I find myself spending time dragging good stuff over to the two contracted gleaners, St. Vincents, and Cracked Pots. I’m just glad they and the Recology workers are there diverting items out of the pile that is destined for the true dump. Recology’s mission is to divert 40% of what comes to transfer station so it doesn’t into up in the land fill.  That makes me a little less sad.



The new artists are here!


It is so exciting to welcome our new group of artists into the GLEAN fold.  We look forward to the unique and insightful perspectives that Schel Harris, Brian “Huts” Hutsebout, Beckey Kaye, Brenda Mallory and Rio Wrenn will be bringing to our program this year!  These talented and accomplished artists have big plans for the treasures they will be finding at Metro Central transfer station during the next 5 months.  To learn more about each artist, click on the header tabs with their names.  To see images of some of their previous work (as well as past GLEAN artists), check out our Flickr page at  Clicking on the album tab at the top allows you to go straight to the 2015 Application Artwork images.

As you GLEAN followers know, they’ll be sharing their exploits and ruminations here, so keep checking back!  And make sure you save the date of August 14th to come experience the results of their explorations at the 2015 GLEAN Exhibition Opening at Disjecta Gallery.  Stay tuned!