My 1st Day of “GLEANing”

I just got home from my first day of “GLEANing” at the Metro Transfer Station (the dump). Here are the treasures I found…

Some really great brass bits, turned wood legs & spindles, a few old picture frames, a glass table top…

Glean 2-29-16 1st Day of Gleaning

… and yeah that’s a taxidermied pig.

5 new GLEANers!


2016 GLEANers1
Welcome new 2016 GLEAN artists!

Erin Kathryn – Hilary Pfeiffer – Dan Pillers – Amanda Triplett – Austin Turley

We’re off to another great start with these five talented artists just brimming with creative insight.  Follow them here as they share their experiences and ruminations collecting materials and making art in the behind-the-scenes world of a waste transfer station.  For more information on each artist, click on their tabs in the main menu.