many mobiles

IMG_0851I’ve been pushing in the studio for the past few weeks, trying to “sketch out” as many of my lure mobiles as I could before our mid-residency review last Friday. I worked out a lot of them through drawing, and some others have been designed instinctively. So far I have thirteen that are at least started–click here to see a video of what it feels like to be in my studio right now!

It feels so good to be on a roll with this project, so I’m trying to go with it as much as I can right now, since I need to devote July to wrapping up another big project. Only two of these are stained and glued, as photos were needed for the card, but I am already wanting to take one of them apart to revisit the colors. I plan to keep designing and assembling my lures for the next month, so I can glue and stain them in July. If all goes well, I’ll have two dozen by showtime.

Again, I can’t be more pleased with the Bison Building as our venue. My spot will allow people to stand beneath them, walk up the staircase next to them, and look down on them from the balcony above.

Here’s the one I’m completely satisfied with, made with discarded furniture and pencils: LURE_72

A detail shows the subtle detail of the embedded pencils:LURE_detail

Shall We Dance?

IMG_2033 (2)

This has been quite a journey.  I’m often amazed at what catches my eye and how any given object speaks to me.  After weeks of filling my car with treasures gleaned from other’s discards I now have a nice stash of “raw material”.  The challenge is how do I combine all this “junk” into something cohesive?

For the past couple decades I have been telling stories through art… more specifically I’ve been telling my story.  As I’ve said before, I’m fascinated with how an “artifact” can be translated into “art of fact”.


When I found these “two left feet” they spoke of the akwardness I often feel as I maneuver through this thing called life.  I’ve never been very good at “line dancing” or “waltzing”.  It seems I’m never quite sure if I should lead or follow.  When I’m on the dance floor I’m more of a free spirit… I do my own thing and I allow the music to move me in a random fashion… one that sometimes only makes sense to me.

shall we dance 0

But in life, like on the dance floor, there are others moving to their own beat some are boot scooting and other’s are more interpretive.  Some are drawn to the center of the mosh pit, others dance the perimeter, and there are those who are content to being on the sidelines and watch the maddness unfold. The challenge is to move in such a way that allows others to move as freely without colliding into one another.  It takes an intuitive awareness of the things around you.

shall we dance 1

When I’m creating art I often have something to say.  My hope is that its part of a dialog rather than a lecture.

shall we dance e

Shall we dance?

I will fear no evil

IMG_0825Had a fun day at the Metro Transfer Station yesterday with fellow artist-in-residence Dan Pillers. Here he is with a discarded desk drawer, which soon became our motto of the day.

IMG_0828I didn’t come out with a ton of materials yesterday but did glean some items peripherally related to the making of art, including a big collection of metal files of all shapes and sizes, a handtruck, and this deluxe boot remover, perfect for post-Gleaning hands-free boot removal (thanks to Dan for knowing what it was!)

I also found four beautiful large stainless steel welded mesh panels that will be perfect for hanging my lure mobiles. Speaking of which, we got to see the new exhibition space at the Bison Building the other day and I am so happy the show found a home more suitable for my work! Here’s a shot I took of the space I’ll be filling with mobiles in just three months! the vicinity of those big girders is a 300 square foot zone with 12′ of height to play with.IMG_0817

It’s so inspiring to finally know where my work will be shown and I can’t wait to get into the studio today. I have been sketching like a madwoman and so far have four of my lures in their preliminary stages of construction. I will push to get 12-20 designed before the middle of June so I can spend the final six weeks of the residency doing the tedious but important work getting the color and joinery and installation just right. Mark your calendars!IMG_0832


I’ve (finally) settled on my project for the GLEAN residency– the “lure” idea I was toying with earlier will become an installation of suspended wood sculptures. It took a while to get to the exact vocabulary for these, but after a lot of sketching, I’m really excited about this new body of work that’s both a continuation of my past “Weather Patterns” designs, and new territory. I’ve been waiting for years to do some mobiles……apparently now is the time.

The main materials gleaned from the Metro Transfer Station that I’ll be using for these pieces are hardwoods from discarded furniture that will ultimately be colored with stains I’ve claimed from the hazardous waste section. If I come across some interesting materials along the way, I’ll incorporate those too–here’s the first piece when I was still laying it out. It has some embedded pencils and some tiny metal parts from a piano to add subtle design elements.IMG_0727

I need these pieces to work in the round, so once I built this initial part and could hang it, I added some lateral spines.IMG_0729

Here’s a few more pieces in the works.IMG_0738IMG_0751IMG_0750