+ Sources of Captivation

Hello all,
Glean artist [caroline] here, sharing imagery I found captivating at the metro transit station.


+++ Beautiful exploration of form and color, seen through this mound of carpet padding insolation. Such volumes, allude to letting go of the past in search of pursuing a new start– a renovation to the physical space one calls home.


+++ As an avid antique collector, nothing gives a sense of dedication and [perhaps] devotion, like items aged to perfection. Things gathered amongst the piles, to potentially deconstruct: window panes, storage containers and yard tools.


+++ Captured a silly placement, during a moment in time. But really, thank goodness metro transit station is open Sundays. So much exploration, observing and rummaging yet to come.



Till next time, friends– signing off,
caroline borucki


The Gleaners and I, one of my all time favorite documentary film by #AgnesVarda
A must see (or see again) Varda’s portraits and approach to the topic reminds us of the compelling beauty residing in the act of scavenging and helps us reconsider our  relationship to objects and goods, echoing the grace of Millet’s painting “Les Glaneuses”. Here, at the Metro Transfer Station, a surprising place to meditate on the cycle of life it’s essential it’s rawness #gleanresidency #environmentalart #socialart photo: Transfer #1-4 from the Transfer series (more images at: http://latifamedjdoub.com/products/transfer-1-4)