Fantastic moment together with a group of engaging students and teachers yesterday at the Centennial Park School in Portland for the Strings Workshops. Our exploration together using recycled items from the Glean project was largely playful and meditative and allowed a set of sculptural strings to be conceived as a core structure from which we will build upon during the upcoming workshops.

Lines and convergences #terrestrial #celestial

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+ Surface Stories

Hello again,
Here are some material sensitivities I’ve forced into narratives. Enjoy, friends.


+++ A painting consisting of layered, cracked and aged paint. Fragility from moisture causing torn segments in the entirety of this canvas structure. A signature on the back, a once treasured piece of artwork beginning its descent into a less recognizable form.


+++  Blade from a broken overhead fan. Assumably ripped from a fragile connection, to the mechanism it revolves around. Once in a room, providing circulation, now is forced into stagnation. But who knew between the layers of faux wood panelling there would be a fluffy sorbet hue that wanted to break free.


+++ Sofa cushions. Fabric so worn that it has segmented into threads. Each fiber once consoling the foam base. So many years the foam was clothed with a woven exterior– yet over time white strings have independently unravelled, breaking away from their interconnected role as protective coverings.


Happy imagining– good bye for now,
caroline borucki