+ Surface Stories

Hello again,
Here are some material sensitivities I’ve forced into narratives. Enjoy, friends.


+++ A painting consisting of layered, cracked and aged paint. Fragility from moisture causing torn segments in the entirety of this canvas structure. A signature on the back, a once treasured piece of artwork beginning its descent into a less recognizable form.


+++  Blade from a broken overhead fan. Assumably ripped from a fragile connection, to the mechanism it revolves around. Once in a room, providing circulation, now is forced into stagnation. But who knew between the layers of faux wood panelling there would be a fluffy sorbet hue that wanted to break free.


+++ Sofa cushions. Fabric so worn that it has segmented into threads. Each fiber once consoling the foam base. So many years the foam was clothed with a woven exterior– yet over time white strings have independently unravelled, breaking away from their interconnected role as protective coverings.


Happy imagining– good bye for now,
caroline borucki

One thought on “+ Surface Stories

  1. Ohmilordy, I love how you look at things! “fiber once consoling the foam base.” How can I be sad about an old cushion? But I am now…

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