Eurythmy #2 The Walk Through

Eurythmy is a social performance inspired by nature’s energy and rhythmical order and is inviting an active public to reflect on the multiple levels of interconnectedness of individuals and networks. The project consists of the collaborative construction of an ephemeral flexible architecture using fiber sculptures in relation to an environmental sound system speaking for interrelationship between society and environment, formation and transformation, while celebrating diversity.
The Walk Through opens the social performance-concert and invite a public to navigate individually around an installation of handcrafted strings made from recycled materials during a series of workshops with communities from both Portland and San Francisco as part of the Glean 2017 residency program (

Eurythmy#2 is a collaboration with the public and electroacoustic quartet: Haco (, Tania Chen (, Wobbly (, Dereck Philips and visual artist Latifa Medjdoub ( at the Museum of Performance and Design, San Francisco, May 25th, 201.