Just the Beginning

I feel as though this project has allowed me to explore something I’ve been after for a long time, but the circumstance was never right. While I wish we had longer-I was just starting to figure some things out-I’m glad to have some of the restrictions lifted so that I can explore the waste that has been accumulating in my studio over the years, as well. It has been hard not to touch that previous supply sometimes ,when it would have been just the thing…
I do, however, see this project continuing for me and I am anxious to get back into the studio…as soon as I can find my studio.
I echo both Kim and Chris’s statements. The accolades were wonderful and the great party atmosphere of the opening  was really excellent. I am proud to have been included in this group of esteemed artists and have enjoyed getting to know them and their processes.
I’d like to thank, especially, Amy Wilson, whose efforts on our behalf, energy for the many studio visits and preparation for the culminating event required near superhero levels of agility and motivation. Thank you, Amy, you do great and worthwhile work and it’s a pleasure to know you.
My thanks, also to Metro , Recology, Cracked Pots and Disjecta. It took the cooperation and coordination of all these organizations to make the show as successful as it is and I am encouraged to know that this community has so many partners who care about this important project.

Second Weekend of Glean 2013

I must say that this show has blown away all my expectations.   Everyone did a wonderful job with setting up and the final presentation flows very well together. You can get an impression of how a group show will turn out when you are looking at individual images but until they are actually in the same space together you never really know.   It was also a pleasure to meet so many new people at the opening who braved the heat and stood around for hours engaging with our art.  In all honesty I still haven’t had the time to quietly walk through the show and digest it completely.  I’ll be going down to the show later today to do just that and I’ll make sure to post plenty of images from my browsing.  Be sure to check out my website www.christopherbwagner.net or my facebook page Christopher B. Wagner for a full image gallery of all my works at Disjecta. 

Openings and Endings

It was a fantastic opening night. I truly felt “queen for a night”. Thanks to all who attended. Our artwork looks really nice together- just enough variety – machines, figures, metal, plastic, and enough similarity – orange, yellow, blue- to work.
I have spent the last few days recovering from that final push to finish for the show…that means, sleeping, reading, and cleaning my house(what a mess). Next up is cleaning the studio. I’ve got to find a way to organize some of those new ‘art supplies’.

Musings after Cracked Pots show

Why is it that people are hesitant to take something from the free pile? Is it dirty? clean? If its free there must be something wrong it. I ‘gleaned’ two skeins of lovely yarn still in its package. It had sat there for 2 days. Even teenagers were afraid to take the free stuff.
I wish we could make a permanent free glean pile for people. It seems like such a great concept. There must be someone out there who could come up with the logistics for it. There is a free site on Craigslist, but that requires traveling to various places, looking for specific things. A central area glean pile would be like a special building at the transfer station where ‘stuff” would be available for free. I guess Scrap and Rebuilding Center are closest in concept, but even there you have to pay. And they only take certain things. Or sell permits for people to come in and glean from the transfer station- only one or two per day, week, whatever. And who cares what they do with it later–the stuff was literally thrown away. So if someone wants to resell it- more power to them. Anyway, something to think about.

Sneak Previews

Re-appropriated angels

For some reason my images didn’t post yesterday. Trying again.

I found the angel plaques on Easter! I added the little squares of wallpaper samples almost completely concealing the reproduced Rennaisance angels that were decoupaged to the gold panels. A take-off on Byzantine/early Christian mosaics.


I found this beautiful piece of…what? mattress wire frame….? I reinforced the frame by wire wrapping it, leaving the wavy lines and broken parts. I am adding glass lenses also using wirewrapping techniques. (I knew that class would come in handy someday)


Sneak Previews

As the end date is coming closer, I am feeling panicky about getting back to gleaning before I no longer can! EEK! What will I do when I can’t go there anymore? I find myself thinking, “I need such and such – Oh, I can look for that at the dump.”  But I also need to just be working in the studio and not getting sidetracked by new stuff. I realize now that I will continue to work with this crazy stuff after my residency is up.

Chugging Along

Tools and suchIt’s been a busy summer, inside and outside the shop. But I’ve amassed a fun collection of funky, junky art, that I think it will make for a good show. I’m looking forward to, dreading, and also lamenting to coming due date – pencils up!
The creative process has been fairly easy coming and going since I started. Even so, I feel like I’m only just getting into a good groove and almost wish the program lasted longer, even though I am admittedly a little tired of the oftentimes lengthy pre-creation process unique to working with purely gleaned material.
Go Big Now!
Vicki’s post had a ring of truth for me, I’m not all that keen on sharing something(art) before (and even after) it’s finished. It does add some disturbance to the process and it’s certainly interesting to hear how others interpret it. I’m not sure it’s art, but that’s what everyone keeps telling me it is, so here’s a tiny peek into a piece that I have struggled to get going on since April, but that has turned out pretty darn cool. You’ll have to come to the show to see the finished product.

Dead robot

I have a few more things I’m working on, that I sure hope I can finish in time. The pieces keep getting bigger and better! Also, I found a dead robot. Poor fella. No I’m not making junk robots.

Reflections Upon Returning

After a regrettable, but necessary absence, I am back in the studio. No pictures yet, but I promise they are coming. It is interesting how a break can sometimes provide a much needed perspective on my art. I returned and looked at 2 pieces with fresh eyes. I really like them! I am excited to get back to work!