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We just received a very thoughtful editorial feature/review by Richard Speer  on the well-respected online art resource Visual Art Source. It’s even up as the first Editor’s Pick!  For those who don’t know, Richard was the arts critic for the Willamette Week for many years.  He especially praised our artists for making such strong art that belies the origins of the materials.  Woo-hoo!  Congratulations 2015 artists!

Hutsebout - Fitted

Hutsebout – Fitted

Kaye - Echinoderm

Kaye – Echinoderm

Wrenn - Throne

Wrenn – Throne

The Exhibition is almost here!

Apr SV - no Rio

Huts is surprised and Schel is pondering how the Exhibition could be just around the corner!  The ladies are taking it in stride (apologies for Rio being off camera), but we’re all excited to invite you to see the results of five months of transfer station inquiry.

Of special interest this year will be Rio Wrenn’s fashion show at 6:30.  Don’t be late!  You won’t want to miss her couture depicting warriors and spirit animals that were manifested from the transfer station!

GLEAN 2015 Exhibition opening reception
Friday, August 14th, 6:00-9:00 pm
Disjecta Gallery - 8371 N. Interstate Ave.

Exhibition dates
August 14 - September 6
Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 5:00 pm


Whew! *Breath*

monkeyhed1Things are moving along quickly now. Though I’ve had to cut lotsa’ corners and drop many pieces I’m optimistic about “making” the time frame.  Life has a way of needing attention when you’re the busiest with the project at hand.  Sorry MonkeyRobot Thing.

flyinmechOne of my “goals” in going into this was to bring gleaned objects back down into their raw material. Then use that to create my pieces. Yes, thinking about that now gives me a “what where ya’ thinkin’ man?!”  pause. Creating, fabricating “custom” shapes and parts from raw materials is in itself a long and tedious process. These latest yet, actually the first pieces I am working on require a lot less “custom” fabrication.

-This can do this and, that piece can do that- kinda work. Though I have yet to finish the major body of work, I’m just plowing through the pieces to get them “done” …yet to be “finished”.

I’m already visualizing the space at Dsjecta  and how to arrange these things. I really feel like a “museum”  style progression would be cool but, I guess I’ll see when we get to look at our space!


Heat Is On

The heat is on, literally.  Time marches on and the deadline to finish all our pieces is just a step away.  At least it feels that way.  I have been visiting the transfer station quite a bit and therefore have a lot to inspire from and if I had more time I could realize more beauty.  But I am aware of my constraints and am excited to create with what I have been gifted and share with you ultimately in the end.

Here are some of my gifts

rope2 Soon to be warrior wear (rope and leather)

shawlThe ego shawl (plastic curtain, ribbons, badges)

obi Obi (Waist cincher) for the shaman (Plastic bag, wicker braid)


I just wanted to share some of the progress I have been actually making in my translation from trash to treasure or trashion.

This is a detail from a garment that was made with a roll of zipper and lace collar that I found.  It will be the Rabbit spirit guide.

german rabbit small

This is a progress shot from the garment I will be wearing at the show.  It was constructed from a lace table cloth and a bag made for recycling yard waste or whatever.  Should be super comfortable…..:)

dress rio small



Tryin’ to stay positive..

If I’m really bummed out, I try to stay away from posting on the blog…hence my lack of entries.

I do love a challenge. I like challenging myself. Apparently though my ambition has gotten the better of me this time. I believe I’m a bit of a humble guy and, there’s nothing like teetering on the verge of failure to really humble one out!

Pre-planning my pieces went out the window the first month along with the started – planned pieces.

I tried to “just go with it” but it went no where except into the “reject” pile. I tried simplifying my goals even further…to simply end up with the rest of the abandoned pieces. Trying desperately to convince myself I could get my 2 “big” pieces done in time…failed last night. 1 more piece into the pile!

I can’t go GLEAN more materials at this point and I wouldn’t know what to look for anyways.

I’m not sayin’ how many pieces I am going to try and start / finish by August but, we can safely say it will be an amazing feat unto itself if I can actually do it.

Let no one tell you making art is easy or that GLEAN is not a challenge even for seasoned Artists! I KNEW I would kick butt and SHINE in this residency that took 2 years to get into…..Now I really know, it aint’ so.

I’ll be hard pressed to show my face at the August Opening as is…I just hope showing up with only 2 pieces won’t ruin me.

Maybe if I piled together the 12 pieces I abandoned they could count as a “finished” piece…since I’m finished with them?

Beauty in the Trash


While gleaning at the Transfer Station, I often run by things that I find are interesting or even beautiful in their own way. The overall object may not have the fervor needed to end up in a show, but I think they deserve their moments of fame, before ending up in the middle of a landfill. I’ll start off with this shot and try to update blog of things that I find are unique, interesting, and even beautiful.


I’ve recently found several maps at the transfer station that in some way feature natural areas, or land that has been set aside to remain either as an area to stay “natural” or a place for people to gather outside, such as a city park. I’ve been cutting the natural area out, leaving an empty space behind. At first I was drawn to using the natural area, but seeing the silhouette of what was once there, has created an eerie feeling in my mind. I’m interested in displaying this “what if” scenario for the show of several national, state, and local parks. I perhaps will display the land set aside, almost preserved, for some individual to keep/purchase/enjoy. I find it ironic that the place this “land” ended up was in the transfer station, which would have then ended up in the “land”-fill. An ever-growing problem that will eventually take up more and more land, reducing the areas that are set aside to keep the land as natural as it can be. Our consumerism is cutting down on the natural land that still exists, and one day it may even interfere with protected land. Even though this is a slightly different direction than the 3-D work I’ve been doing, I find that it should tie in nicely with the same message and overall display.

Map quest


Ugh! Oh the challenges of Time!

I haven’t been Gleaning much lately. Just trying to work with the pile-o-stuff from past Gleans! I really wanted to create “animated” and moving pieces but, have found time won’t allow much of that direction! 10 pieces may not seem like a lot at first thought. Sure, slap some stuff together and name it something works I guess… but I can’t roll like that!

I would rather spend more time and energy and materials on a few big, twirling automated- animated machine works than many small “interesting” pieces. I just want to take full advantage of the materials and work big! I’ve been told I work really fast. I can create a variety of things quite quickly for sure. But I’m no where near where I should be at this point in time!

So many pieces I’ve had to abandon for lack of sufficient time to complete. More trampolines! More steel cabinets! more cordless drills! I’m stuck between too many pieces started / in progress and not enough time to see them thru nor, to pursue other ideas.

Very sad too that if I want to bring home any more Gleaned items from the station, I’ll have to “return” a few items first. I’m out of storage space!
Oh Space and Time, work with me will ya?!Untitled-1 615 6152Maybe it should be called..GLEAN Challenge!

Or I’m not as fast as I thought I was!

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Dispatch from Gleaner Hawkeye: Chapter 2

I found myself gleaning at the Metro Central Transfer Station on Juneteenth with an intense sadness in my heart and lead in my boots. My thoughts were preoccupied with the recent massacre in Charleston, SC. I cant seem to wrap my brain around how different our policy makers respond to acts of terror. When foreigners kill Americans: bombs drop, people are tortured, drones shoot down grandmothers. When our police force kill our community members, we are told that mistakes happen and cops have stressful jobs. When a white man open fires and murders several innocent folks at church, we are told that it’s a pity that certain individuals are crazy and do crazy things. This hypocrisy is infuriating and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion. How does an emotional, intelligent or even sentient being navigate through this political landscape of blatant violence and racism and sexism and classism and … How can one not be affected?

I almost didn’t do go to the transfer station today. I felt like self-medicating by knocking back several beers and let the dopamine of alcohol intercept my vision. But a recent vow of sobriety forced me to face these demons and respond to the sense of hopelessness in the only manner I find fitting or capable of at this point. I am trying to channel this emotional intensity and dig relentlessly through heaps of the discarded, the destroyed, the unwanted. With these remnants I am making something to crawl inside, something to cover. I don’t always feel this hopeless, but if you ever had that primal sensation of wanting to crawl into a hole……well, you will know exactly what I mean.