Imagined emotional organs…

Amanda 389A4557

Amanda Triplett. Hysteria. 2016

We’re on the last lap here for the Glean Residency and I’m so excited to share a few photos of the sculptures that I will be showing on August 11th at the Bison Building.

Amanda 389A4550

Amanda Triplett. Obsession. 2016

The dump is a repository for unwanted things and these things are charged with so much emotion.  As I watched the ever changing mountain of trash, I thought about how there was such a feeling of catharsis as people tossed their things into the trash pile. There was a sense of letting go of emotional baggage, things that don’t serve and reminders of past lives. I realized that the sculptures coming from these retired objects were embodied representations of these difficult emotions that were being released.  The sculptures became organs that functioned as containers for these difficult emotions.

Amanda 389A4544

Amanda Triplett. Tenderness 2016

I hope to see you all at our opening at the Bison Building on August 11th. It’s going to a wonderful show.

The show is fast approaching…

I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at in the creation process. Things are coming along and ideas are flowing nicely. I’ve almost roughed out all of my pieces. Then I will go back and refine, embellish, and embroider some more. Oh yes, and video! I’ve finally sorted my ideas for the video component of my Glean residency. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, exploring the stories of the materials I’ve gleaned and looking deep into their functions as they transition from trash to treasure. The videos will look at materiality, pairing the texture and tactile experience of material with the cultural perception of the value of objects. All videos will be available on the web and accessible via QR code and phone at the exhibit.

Until then, here are some examples of the sculptures I’ve been building.gleansculpture2


Both of these are made from towels, sweaters, pillow pollyfill, blanket and discarded yarn.


This one is my current obsession still in progress. Costume netting, towels, pillow pollyfill, blanket and yarn.