Lost in a sea of materials

I haven’t gleaned in a few weeks. It has become very clear that I needed to take a break from gleaning to actually make art with the massive amounts of materials that have accumulated in a corner of my studio. Now I am in art making mode, spreading out my materials like a messy little mouse making a nest in her house.


So, here I am currently lost in a sea of materials. I am making lots of art, but I feel a bit directionless at the moment. My instinct is to explore and play with the materials, making components for my sculptures, sewing, embroidering, stuffing polyfill into things, and sewing more. I’m feeling unfocused about where the sculptures are going and what they are going to be, which is pretty normal for me.  I’m taking it as a sign that I need to lose myself in the process. I am trusting that I am meant to let the materials guide me right now. I always think of Jackson Pollack as the ultimate example of an artist who can lose himself in his materials and process. Sewing is not as given to immediacy as is painting, but I’m trying to channel my inner Pollack in my stitches. I’m trying to stay loose. 


Here I am wearing some of my sculptures. Sometimes you have to wear your sculptures when you work in fiber even if they are not technically meant to be worn.

A monument to fleshy, intimate moments…


20160314_134803I found this bathroom shelf stand on my very first Glean. Dan took the glass and I was intrigued by the frame. The couple who dropped it off seemed nice enough. They were undergoing some kind of renovation, dropping off various construction debris and this metallic bathroom shelf, shiny and structured. The piece was in decent shape, a little wobbly, metal finish deteriorating in spots but otherwise, a usable piece of furniture that could have been rehomed.

I started thinking about this bathroom shelf and all of the intimate moments it has witnessed. The bathroom is a place of ritual where we perform our ablutions, relax in privacy, think deeply. In many ways this bathroom stand is monument to our fleshy needs, our ablutions, our private release. It stored the objects used for ritual cleaning, healing, decorating faces and bodies.

When I started this project, I was excited about finding stories embedded within things, transforming their value. The more I sift through the pile at the transfer station, the more I am convinced that the reason one reason why we waste so much is because we lose sight of an object’s story. For me, thinking about this bathroom stand as a monument to fleshy, intimate moments, has given it new found purpose and life.

I’ve now begun the process of transforming the piece. Honoring the story that I have gleaned from this object, I have sewn flesh-toned fabric and polyfill to the “bones” of the structu20160324_124645re. It is my objective to eliminate the hard lines and structured geometry of the piece, softening it with fleshy curves. I’d like to leave places where one can peak inside the piece, inviting the viewer to gaze into this intimate space.


crocheted film

I’m nearly finished with my first piece.  The material is some kind of film.  I’m not sure if it’s video or audio.  I think it might be video…  I got quite a few reals of it.

Here is a close up.  Its full size will be 12X36 inches.  I crocheted the film using a broomstick lace technique.  I used varying sizes for the loops.  A gleaned tennis ball container (for the large loops) and a gleaned dowel stick (about an inch wide for the smaller loops).  And a crochet hook size G.

All that is left to do is place it in this sexy muted frame I also gleaned. 

I’m not sure what the title will be yet.  I’m going to wait till all the pieces come together before I can tell which voice goes to whom.  Right now all the ideas are circling around and making me dizzy.  Glad to have this one completed 🙂  ONWARD!