Imagined emotional organs…

Amanda 389A4557

Amanda Triplett. Hysteria. 2016

We’re on the last lap here for the Glean Residency and I’m so excited to share a few photos of the sculptures that I will be showing on August 11th at the Bison Building.

Amanda 389A4550

Amanda Triplett. Obsession. 2016

The dump is a repository for unwanted things and these things are charged with so much emotion.  As I watched the ever changing mountain of trash, I thought about how there was such a feeling of catharsis as people tossed their things into the trash pile. There was a sense of letting go of emotional baggage, things that don’t serve and reminders of past lives. I realized that the sculptures coming from these retired objects were embodied representations of these difficult emotions that were being released.  The sculptures became organs that functioned as containers for these difficult emotions.

Amanda 389A4544

Amanda Triplett. Tenderness 2016

I hope to see you all at our opening at the Bison Building on August 11th. It’s going to a wonderful show.

Mini Blind Corset

Here is the making of a Corset made from Mini Blinds, Bicycle Tire Tubes, A Door knob Plate, and 8 hinges (not photographed).  The skirt which also is not included is made out of  x-rays that greg gleaned!  You’ll have to all come to the show to see the final piece… just so you know, the skirt lights up! 🙂

Mini blind corset doodle.  My love affair started when I found this old white door knob plate.  It was begging to be made into something.

These are metal mini blinds cut into thirds.  I use masking tape to hold the weft down as I measure and then weave through… making the fabric is pretty time consuming, not to mention painful. The edges always seem to scratch up my hands.

Oh hello Project runway.  This is my dress form that I’m drawing the shapes I’d like to pattern from.  You can see the clear plastic over the black lines.  Traditionally a pattern maker would use muslin to drape the fabric around the form and over the lines making it difficult to replicate.  With the clear plastic, I have a very durable pattern, and one that I can see EXACTLY what I marked instead of having to feel through the fabric.  The see through-ness is a real time saver!These are the pattern pieces laid out and taped on the woven mini blind fabric.  MAKE sure to label all pieces and parts.  They get confusing when they’re all fragmented.Drilling the stitching holes with my fancy dremel.

Once the holes are in.  I can sew the pieces together.  I’ve chosen to use bicycle tire tubes as my thread.  They must be cut very thin.

Here is a sneak peak at the back before I put in a cashmere sweater lining.

And here is the finished top.  The back of the corset which isn’t photographed is laced up the back with bicycle tire tube thread, and 8 gorgeous hinges.  It’s really cool looking on.  Can’t wait for you all to see my nordic model I choose to wear this dress…. GOR-GEOUS!


How to sew bicycle tire tubes

I have found two great ways to sew bicycle tire tubes using a sewing machine.  You can either use a roller foot, or a walking foot.  With my old Kenmore machine, I used a walking foot.  And with my new Babylock machine I use a roller foot.  Either work great.  Before I got all fancy with different feet, I would tape parchment paper down and cut out room for the feed dogs, and also tape parchment paper underneath the foot.  This was such a nightmare.  The paper would rip, or the material would stick anyway, needles would break frequently, and the bobbin would jam.  Yuck!  The walking foot, or the rolling foot are not a huge investment, so if you find yourself wanting to make a cute wallet, messenger bag or hat from some popped bicycle tire tubes; I would skip the parchment paper, and go straight to the fancy feet.  It makes life so much easier when sewing unusual fabrics.  And it kinda makes you look like a bad ass 🙂

p.s it doesn’t ruin your machine!