Story-full objects


Yesterday, I gleaned for the very first time. There is something breathtaking about standing in front of a giant pile of unwanted items. I couldn’t help but wonder why so many of these things had been deposited at the transfer station instead of being spruced up, rehomed or freeboxed. Some of the items were clearly damaged or broken, bits of things once whole. However, a large percentage of the stuff seemed to be in decent working order. There was so many good things that with a little love or cleaning could be used for years to come.

My heart kind of breaks for these orphaned objects. I can’t help but wonder about the worlds these objects left behind, their lives before being trashed. Part of my glean project is to find the stories within these discarded objects and share them, giving them life and value. It is my hope that as I transform my trash orphans into sculpture, the stories will reveal themselves.

All the serious stuff aside, what fun it is to get to search through this great mound of interesting, story-full objects! I have already gleaned a bunch of wonderful items that I can’t wait to share.