Lost in a sea of materials

I haven’t gleaned in a few weeks. It has become very clear that I needed to take a break from gleaning to actually make art with the massive amounts of materials that have accumulated in a corner of my studio. Now I am in art making mode, spreading out my materials like a messy little mouse making a nest in her house.


So, here I am currently lost in a sea of materials. I am making lots of art, but I feel a bit directionless at the moment. My instinct is to explore and play with the materials, making components for my sculptures, sewing, embroidering, stuffing polyfill into things, and sewing more. I’m feeling unfocused about where the sculptures are going and what they are going to be, which is pretty normal for me.  I’m taking it as a sign that I need to lose myself in the process. I am trusting that I am meant to let the materials guide me right now. I always think of Jackson Pollack as the ultimate example of an artist who can lose himself in his materials and process. Sewing is not as given to immediacy as is painting, but I’m trying to channel my inner Pollack in my stitches. I’m trying to stay loose. 


Here I am wearing some of my sculptures. Sometimes you have to wear your sculptures when you work in fiber even if they are not technically meant to be worn.

Quality vs Quantity

On my last few visits to the transfer station I have been finding less quantity, but what I do find is ironic and has the quality that I need to transform my vision into a trashy gem.


I was told that I will find things you would never expect but still I doubt….

One of those things was natural dyes.  I never even had that on my radar.  But there is was hidden among the bags of cat litter and other stinky things I had to move aside to find the whole collection that was tossed.


On a lighter note, here are some fun things I found–

truck CAM02600